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We present to you 960 Traded Indian Medicinal Plants species.Here you can type botanical name and get vernacular names and trade name correlation. You can also get details regarding parts traded.


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Botanical NameAlternanthera sessilis (L.) R.BR.EX DC.
Used InAyurveda, Tibetian and Sidha

This species is globally distributed in the Pantropics. Within India, it is found throughout the warmer parts upto an altitude of 1200 m. in the Himalayas. It is commonly found along the sides of water courses. It is also cultivated in home gardens.
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Common Uses
The whole plant of Matsyaksaka is used in the form of juice as rasayana and as intellect-promoting.
Alternanthera sessilis
Alternanthera sessilis
(No. of Names)
Vernacular Name
English (2)mukunawanna, water amaranth
Hindi (2)gudre-saag, gudrisag
Kannada (3)honagone soppu, honagonne, honagonne soppu
Malayalam (5)coluppa, koluppa, minannani, ponnankannikkira, ponnannani
Marathi (3)kanchari, koypa, laanchari
Sanskrit (7)lonika, matsyaksaka, matsyaksi, matsyaksika, minakshi, minaksi, patturah
Tamil (112)al, alaku1, antarnilai, anumacakanni, anumacakka, anumacakkay, cakaccai, cakatevi3, cakatevicceti, cempucattumuli3, cenkanni, cirinakannicceti, cirinam, citaci, citacikannicceti, citalacatti3, citalakkani, citali#, citali$, citalicceti, citani, citanicceti, citapu, citapuram, citevi3, citevicceti2, cittaman, cittamani, cittamanicceti, citti2@, comakanni, comakannicceti, comavallari, comavallaricceti, cukatir, curaiman, curaimankanni, cuvatuvarnam, intiranikani, intiranur, iruncatuvamaippuntu, kalavativalaki, kallukkalaikkattan, kallukkalaittan, kallukkattanceti, kani, kannukkanimuli, kannukkiniyan, karippavai, karippavaicceti, karpurakkanni, karpurakkannicceti, karpuram, katuncitalatti, kayacitti1, kayacitticci, kodupai, kotuppai, maccikkanni, maccikkannicceti, macciyacci, macciyankanicceti, macciyankanni, macciyatti, maicatci 2, menattukkanni, menatu, minatci, muci, natcattirantonri, nettiranaci, nirovati, pakalnatcattiramtonri, patturam, patumalayam2, pautikamankai, pautikamankaicceti, perunkotuppai, pittacanti, pittacanticceti, ponkani, ponmeni, ponmuli, ponnaankanni, ponnakunkanni, ponnam kani, ponnan kani, ponnangani, ponnanganni, ponnangannikkirai, ponnangkani, ponnankani, ponnankanni, ponnannanikkirai, porkani, porkanni, punarkannikkirai, tacamaikkanni, tacamaikkannicceti, tai2, tevarur, tirekacitti, tiyakkanni, tiyakkirai, ulavanikacceti, ulavanikam, umparur, utukatti, varikkani, varikkannicceti, vatuvarnam, vinnukkulmurtti
Telugu (4)madanaganti, ponagantikura, ponna ganti-kura, ponnaganti koora
Tibetan (2)dza la pi pi la (d), tsha la pi pa la

Parts Used
(No. of  Names)
Trade Name
LEAVES (1) ponnanganni

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