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We present to you 960 Traded Indian Medicinal Plants species.Here you can type botanical name and get vernacular names and trade name correlation. You can also get details regarding parts traded.


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Plant species
Botanical NameAmorphophallus sylvaticus (ROXB.) KUNTH
Used InFolk and Sidha

This speices has a restricted global distribution occuring only in India and Sri Lanka. Within India, it occurs throughout the Deccan Peninsula.
Taxon Sheet Details (CAMP Workshops at)
Andhra Pradesh (March 2001)
Amorphophallus sylvaticus
Amorphophallus sylvaticus
Conservation Concern Details
State Threat StatesWith Assessment year Trade
Andhra PradeshVU2001Normal
(No. of Names)
Vernacular Name
Kannada (1)kaadu suvarna gedde
Tamil (22)aracokanakku 1, aranai, aranaicceti, araniya, cakunmam, cancivikkarunai, cempinitavuralpokki, cempinuralpokki, curanaki, curanakikkilanku, curanancam, itiraikkilanku, itirakkilanku, itirkkilanku, kaattukarunai, kantakai, kattuk karunai, kattukkarunai, kentakattaittailamakki 3, pasanaparpi, vanakantam, vanakkantam
Telugu (1)adavi chaama

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