22 June 2015- Awareness-Cum-Orientation Workshop on Pharmacognosy of Plant Based Raw Drugs Used in Indian Herbal Sector:

Jointly organized by FRLHT- ITDHST (TDU), Bangalore. and Lakshmi Seva Sangham, Dindigul

A one day workshop was organized for 5 pharmacy staff members of Lakshmi Seva Sangham at FRLHT, Bangalore on 22nd June 2015. They were exposed to various methods that can help them identify the raw drugs through careful observation of live plant materials and raw drugs from wild and various markets deposited in the FRLH Herbarium. They were taught how to differentiate the authentic, alternatives and adulterants for select species and materials. Dried raw drugs were described based on macroscopic features such as morphology, textures, secondary growths of cortex, hairs and margins of leaves, seed characteristics and so on.

They visited FRLHT’s Amrutha vana and learnt about the landscaping aspects using medicinal plants and also saw the live plant materials. The orientation was also given on herbarium processing at FRLH Herbarium, pharmaceutical preparations at the Pharmacy of IAIM Health Care Centre, laboratory research work on medicinal plants at FRLHT, FRLHT’s Multidisciplinary Database on Medicinal Plants. They also visited ENVIS Centre on Medicinal Plants and Bio-Resource Information Centre on Medicinal Plants (BRIC Centre).

Participants examining the herbarium specimen at FRLH herbarium Describing key identifying features of medicinal plants LSS staff identifying Raw drugs
Visit to FRLHT’s Ethno-Medicinal Plants garden Visit to Laboratory at FRLHT
Workshop participants

List of participants from Lakshmi Seva Sangham:
  1. Dr. Rohini- Siddha Production Manager 
  2. Ms. Krishnaveni - Raw drug store Incharge
  3. Mr. K. Praveen Kumar- Chemist
  4. Mr. Manivel- Estate office, Central Office, Gandhigram Trust
  5. Mr. Murali- Agricultural officer, central office, Gandhigram Trust

Resource persons from FRLHT:
  1. Mr. D. K. Ved, Advisor
  2. Ms. Suma T. S., Senior Program Officer
  3. Dr. Dhatchanamoorthy N., Senior Research Associate
  4. Ms. Satya Sangeetha, Research Officer
  5. Mr. Balasubramani S. P.,  Research Officer
  6. Dr. Uday Kumar, Senior Ayurveda Physician and Pharmacy Incharge, IAIM Hospital
  7. Ms. Revathi R., Office Assistant, Amrutha Vana
  8. Mr. Sreeram, Garden Staff, Amrutha Vana
  9. Ms. Soumyashree N., Research Fellow
  10. Mr. Raghavendra M., Staff, FRLH Herbarium
  11. Ms. Komalam A., Staff, FRLH Herbarium

Special Thanks to Dr. Ravikumar K., Dr. Noorunnisa Begum

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