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           This sections gives resource managers and researchers information regarding 195 Red Listed Medicinal Plants species that requires conservation measures. Details regarding botanical name, IUCN threat category, distribution data, digitized maps, scanned herbarium images, trade details are included. For selected species, Taxon Sheets /profiles with threat assessment details based on Conservation and Management Prioritisation workshops are being provided as ready reference. For more information, write to

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No. of species 195

Plant species
Botanical NameHedychium spicatum BUCH.-HAM.
Threat StatusVulnerable / North West
Used InAyurveda, Folk, Tibetian and Unani

This species occurs in parts of western and central Himalayas between an altitude range of 1000-2250 m.
Conservation Concern Details
State Threat StatesWith Assessment year Trade
SikkimLC2014Not Traded
(No. of Names)
Vernacular Name
Arabic (2)jharanbaja, sapur kachri
English (1)abir
Hindi (9)bagldu, gandhapalashi, kachor, kafur-kachri, kapurakachari, kapurkachri, kapurkachur, selru, sitruti
Kannada (2)gandha saathi, gandhashati
Marathi (7)kapoorakachari, kapurakachari, kapurkachur, seer, sonatakka, sutthee, vilaayithi kachhar
Sanskrit (40)amlaharidra, amlanisha, durva, gandapatari, gandasati, gandha, gandhamuli, gandhamulika, gandhapalashi, gandhapalasi, gandharika, gandhasati, gandhavadhu, gandholi, haimi, haridracchadana, himaja, himodbhava, jimutamula, kachhora, karbura, karchura, karpura, karpurakachali, ndhori, prithupalashika, prthupalasika, samudra, sathi, sati, saumya, shadugrantha, shathi, shati, shedwa, sugandha, sugandhamula, sugandhasati, suvata, tuni
Tamil (5)cimai kiccilikkilanku, malai inci, shimai-kich-chilik-kishangu, shimai-kich-chilik-kizhangu, simaikkichilikkilhangu
Telugu (1)sima-kich-chili-gaddalu
Tibetan (1)zur pa dkar po
Urdu (1)kapurakachari

Parts Used
(No. of  Names)
Trade Name
Not recorded (8) kapoor kachari (asli)no.1, kapoor kachari (purani)no.2, kapoor kachri, kapoorkachali, kapur kachari, kapur kachiri (assam), kapur kachri, kapurkachli
ROOT (2) kapoor kachri, kapur kachari no.1
ROOTS (1) kapur kachli
POWDER (1) kapurkachali

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