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From this plant images album, we wish to share 2688 high resolution scanned plant images. These pertain to 2273 unique species. If you want to study the actual specimen, please visit our FRLHT, Campus, which is located in Bengaluru.

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Typha angustata BORY & CHAUB
Typhonium divaricatum DECNE
Typhonium trilobatum (L.) SCHOTT
Uncaria sessilifructus ROXB.
Uraria lagopodioides DC.
Uraria picta DESV.
Uraria rufescens (DC.) SCHINDL.
Urena lobata L.
Urginea indica (ROXB) KUNTH.
Urginea maritima (L.) BAKER
Urtica dioica L.
Urtica urens BERT. EX STEUD.
Usnea florida (L.) WIGG.
Usnea hirta (L.) WIGG.
Usnea longissima ACH.
Ustilago maydis (DC.) CD.
Utleria salicifolia BEDD.
Vaccinium leschenaultii WIGHT.
Vaccinium macrocarpon AIT.
Vaccinium myrtillus L.
Valeriana hardwickii WALL.
Valeriana jatamansi JONES
Valeriana officinalis L.
Valeriana pyrolaefolia DENE

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