Welcome to Raw Drug Gallery tadalafil 50mg cheap kamagra oral jelly cialis approved fda
Welcome to Raw Drug Gallery

This is a new feature appended in this version.
This module comprises of 397 raw drug images with their photograph for easy identification. We have tried to provide photographs of various raw drugs, especially official parts used/ traded.  We welcome users to give us more information about these raw drugs from your location via email: envis@frlht.org / frlht@envis.nic.in. For more information about the species and latest trade status refer to the latest study:

*Scientific reference:
Ved D.K & G. S Goraya (2008), Demand and Supply of Medicinal Plants in India, Bishen Singh, Mahendra Pal Singh, Dehra Dun & FRLHT, Bangalore, India (copy right 2008, National Medicinal Plants Board, New Delhi)
ISBN: 9788121106283
Library of Congress Control No.: 2008306606

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