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Plant species
Botanical NameCinchona officinalis L.
Used InAyurveda, Homeopathy and Unani

This species is native to Eucador, globally distributed in Columbia, Peru and Bolivia. It is cultivated in South India and Sri Lanka. It has been recorded in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu (Palni between an altitude range of (1600) 1800-2100 m., Nilgiris). It thrives well at higher elevations up to 2600 m in South India.
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(No. of Names)
Vernacular Name
English (3)crown bark, jesuits bark, loxa bark
Hindi (2)cinchona, kunain
Kannada (1)barkina
Malayalam (3)koyina, kvayna, sinkona
Sanskrit (3)kunayana, kunayanah, sinkona
Tamil (3)cinkona, curappattai, koyina
Telugu (1)jvarapatta
Urdu (1)kanakana

Parts Used
(No. of  Names)
Trade Name
Not recorded (2) cinchona bark, sinkona bark
BARK (1) cinchona chhal



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