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Plant species
Botanical NameGlycyrrhiza glabra L.
Used InAyurveda, Folk, Tibetian, Unani, Sidha and Modern

This species is globally distributed from Mediterranean to Central Asia. It is said to be cultivated in Russia, Spain and Middle East Region. The drug is imported into India on a considerable scale from Asia Minor, Iraq, Persia and other Central Asian countries.
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Common Uses
The root of Madhuka is used in the form of powder and decoction to treat graying of hairs, vomiting, thirst, raktapitta, cough, respiratory disorders, hoarseness of voice, prameha, itching, skin disease, fever and eye disease.
(No. of Names)
Vernacular Name
Arabic (5)arq soos, asl-us-soos, aslussus, gule ghafis, irkessus
English (2)licorice, liquorice
Hindi (8)jethi-madh, jethimadh, jetimad, kubas-susa, mithilakdi, mulathee, mulhathi, mulhatti
Kannada (7)athimadura, atimadhura, ishta madhooka, jaeshta madhu, jestamaddu, jesthamadhu, yashtimaduka
Malayalam (4)atimadhuram, erattimadhuram, irattimadhuram, yashtimadhukam
Marathi (2)jashtimadh, jeshtamadha
Persian (5)beikh-e-mahak, bikhe-mahak, bikhemahak, mahak, mazhn
Sanskrit (27)jalayashti, klitaka, madhu, madhu-yashtikam, madhuka, madhukah, madhukahva, madhukam, madhusrava, madhuyashti, madhuyashtika, madhuyasti, madhuyastika, sthalayashti, yashti-madhu, yashtika, yashtimadhu, yashtirasakrya, yashtyawa, yasti, yastika, yastimadhu, yastimadhuh, yastimadhuka, yastyahva, yastyahvam, yastyahvaya
Tamil (81)addimodrum, adhimathuram, adimaduram, aravam, athimaduram, athimathuram, athimathurappal, ati maduram, ati-maduram, atimaduram, atimaturam, atimaturamver, atinaram, atinkam, atinkucceti, atinmku, atti, atti 1, attikala, attikatakam, attimatucaram, attimaturam, attimaturi, attivellai, attiyam, attumutti, calli, cimaiyatimaturam, cira, ciraval, ecitavakam, ekitavakam, eratam, eratayam, etalakam, etalakam 1, evarukan, evarukan@, ivastimaturam, iyastimaturam, kancukam, kancukam 1, kattatimaturam, kilitakam, koli, kunriver, kuyilamoti, kuyinmoli, mannaikatti, mannaikkatti, mannaikkatticceti, mannaikkatticeti, mati 2, matikamaturam, matu, matu 2, matucosayam, matukam, matukam 1, matukam 1#, matukam 1@, matukamaliram, matukamaturam, matukamaviram, matukavalli, matuli, matulikam, matuparni, matura, maturakam, maturakam 1, maturam 1, maturaver, mulankam, nuncu, vatalam, vellaikkunri, venkunri, vitakam, yastimatukam, yatti
Telugu (6)athimaduramu, athimathuram, atimadhuramu, atimaduramu, yashti-madhukam, yashtimadhukam
Tibetan (2)sin mnar, sin-mnar
Urdu (15)asal-us-sus, asal-us-sus muqqashar, asal-us-sus nim kofta, asl-us-soos, asl-us-sus, mithi lakdi, mulathi, mulethi, mulhatti, nim kofta mulethi, rub-ul-sus, rub-ul-sus siyah, rub-us-sus, rubb-us-soos, tub-ul-sus

Parts Used
(No. of  Names)
Trade Name
RHIZOME (1) athimadhuram
ROOT (7) atimadhura, jesthimadhu, mulethi, malathi, mulathi, mulethi, multhi
EXTRACT (2) atimadhura satwa, mulethi sat ( jeshtimadh shira no.1)
ROOTS (4) glycyrrhiza glabra, jeshtimadh (mulethi) no.1, jeshtimadhu, mulathi
FLOWER (1) gule gafaz
Not recorded (20) gulegafis, irattimadhuram, jeshtmad / mullethi, jeshtmath (mulathi) no.1, jestimadhu afghan, jestimadhu irani, jethimadh (afghan) (chunahua), jethimadh (afghan) no.1, jethimadh (afghan) no.2, jethimadh no.1 (iran), jethimadh, yesthimadhu, jethimadhsira no.1 (satmulaithi), jethimadhsira no.2, jethimat lakadi (mulaithi), mulaithi, mulaithi ka sat, mulethi, mulethi no.1 spl., mulettikasht (jeshmadh shira)
POWDER (1) jeshtimadh
STEM (2) mulathi, mullati



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