Premier scientific research institutes across the country

Premier scientific research institutes across the country working on medicinal plants, healthcare, drugs & pharmaceuticals



Core Competence

Central Drug Research Institute, (CDRI, Lucknow)

Drug discovery to development, synthetic/natural product chemistry, combinatorial chemical synthesis, molecular modelling, HTS, structural biology, broad-based biological screening, Pharmacology, Pharmaco-kinetics, toxicology phase I clinical studies, chemical & fermentation technology, quality control and standardization, proteomics,  medicinal chemistry, molecular and cell biology, phytochemicals/ Herbal Drugs/ nutraceuticals research.

Indian Institute of Chemical Biology (IICB, Kolkata)

Synthetic/ natural products/ medicinal chemistry, Infectious Diseases, cellular physiology, Drug Designing, molecular modelling, molecular biology, Biotechnology, cell signals for oncogene expression and metabolic diseases, immunology, Human Genetics, genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, Pharmacology, phytochemicals/ nutraceuticals.

Indian Institute of Chemical Technology
(IICT, Hyderabad)

Synthetic and natural product chemistry, chemical/ process engineering, combinatorial/ medical Chemistry, asymmetric synthesis for chiral Drugs, custom synthesis, computer-aided modelling and drug design, glyco-therapeutics, peptides and peptido-mimetics, enzyme mimics (drug delivery systems),  Pharmacology, pre-clinical toxicity pharmacokinetics, toxicology, phytochemicals/ Herbal Drugs/ nutraceuticals research, quality control and formulation.

Indian institute of Microbial Technology
(IMT, Chandigarh)

Molecular and cell biology, microbial genetics, immunology, structural biology, protein engineering, fermentation technology, culture type depository, microbial gene bank, bioinformatics, proteomics, molecular and cell biology.

Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology
(IGIB, Delhi)

Genomics and molecular medicine, Predictive Medicine, genome informatics (in-silico biology), bio-informatics, pathway modelling, proteomics structural biology, comparative genomics and gene expression, Immunology and Molecular Genetics of Respiratory Disorders including Allergy, nucleic acids and peptides, Bioactive molecules of medicinal importance

Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine
(IIIM, Jammu)

Agrotechnology, synthetic (chiral) and natural product chemistry, herbal drugs, select biological screening, bioprospecting, microbial biodiversity for industrially useful enzymes, genetic fingerprinting, identification/ authentification of medicinal plants, fermentation technology, quality control and standardization of herbal drugs, establishment of medicinal plants gene bank, bioinformatics, pharmacology, phytochemicals/ herbal drugs/ nutraceuticals research.

Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants  (CIMAP, Lucknow)
CIMAP, Lucknow)

Agrotechnology of economically important herbs, process technology for phytochemicals, herbal drugs, nutraceuticals, genetic fingerprinting of plants/ herbs, plant bioinformatics, genetic improvement, bioprospecting, molecular and cell biology, quality control and formulation.

Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology,
 (CCMB, Hyderabad)

Advanced molecular and cell biology, Biotechnology, Sperm-associated Proteins/Fertility Potential of Sperm, DNA-Fingerprinting, signal transduction, Eye Diseases, Hepatitis Vaccine, Microbial Genetics, transgenics,  Antimicrobial Proteins, genomics, proteomics molecular and cell biology.


National Chemical Laboratory (NCL, Pune)


Synthetic chemistry, tissue culture, biotechnology, industrial microbiology, nanoparticle technology, smart polymer gels, chemical/ process engineering, bioprocess/ enzyme/ fermentation technology, combinatorial chemistry, medicinal chemistry, quality control and formulation.


Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology (IHBT, Palampur)


Identification, collection, isolation and characterization of plants and microbes chemical and molecular characterization of bioactive, genomics, tissue culture, agrotechnology of medicinal plants, phytochemicals/ herbal drugs/ nutraceuticals research, and chemical/ process engineering.

Industrial Toxicology Research Centre
(ITRC,  Lucknow)

In vitro test systems for bio-evaluation/ identification of molecules or neurological disorders and antioxidant activity, complete toxicity evaluation in small animals; identification and action mode of hazardous toxicants/ pollutants, diagnostics for toxicants/ pollutants; safety evaluation/ preventive measures for environmental/ industrial hazards, and quality assessment of drinking water.

National  Botanical Research Institute (NBRI, Lucknow)

Pharmacognosy, ethnopharmacology, herbal drugs (authentification, standardization, characterization), nutraceuticals agrotechnology of medicinal plants, plant improvement of economically important plants, proteomics, transgenics, molecular and cell biology, quality control and formulation

Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute
(CSMCRI, Bhavnagar)

Bioactive from plants, cultivation of desert economic plants and their value addition, sea weed cultivation, phycocolloids and marine microbes, biotechnology, synthetic chemistry and drug intermediates desalination water treatment technology for pure water for drinking, low sodium and plant/ herbal salt.

North-East Institute of Science & Technology
(NEIST, Jorhat)

Bioactives from plants, drugs intermediates, isolation and characterization of active molecules and analytical services.

National Institute of Oceanography (NIO, Goa)

Collection and identification of marine flora and fauna, biological Screening (antimicrobial, anticancer, oxytocic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fouling cytotoxic, antimalarial,  antiosteoporotic antiviral, immunomodulatory) and marine natural product chemistry for the identification and structure elucidation of active molecules.

National Institute of Interdisciplinary Science & Technology
(NIIST, Trivandrum)

Synthesis of drugs/ drug intermediates, natural products isolation, biological screening, chemical finger printing, herbal drugs, nutraceuticals, bioprocess/ enzyme technology and phytochemicals

Central Food Technological Research Institute
(CFTRI,  Mysore)

Nutraceuticals, health-promoting effects of spices herbs/ food (antioxidants, digestion-stimulants, anti-inflammatory), traditional remedies, food-safety/ nutritional toxicology, nodal codex food laboratory, animal and plant cell culture, PCR probes and biosensors, phytochemicals/ nutraceuticals research, quality control & formulation, toxicology and bioprocess/ enzyme/ fermentation technology