Foundation for Revitalisation of Local Health Traditions

(ENVIS Centre on Medicinal Plants)

About Foundation for Revitalisation of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT), Bangalore since 1991.

Vision: To revitalise Indian Medical Heritage.

The overarching objectives of FRLHT are:

  1. To engage in high priority, trans-disciplinary research that bridges Ayurveda with biomedicine, life sciences, engineering, pharmaceutics and the social sciences, art & culture and build new paradigms, standards, products, processes, technologies and communication strategies.
  2. To engage in research to uncover the algorithms of theoretical foundations and therapeutic strategies of Ayurveda and to use digital technology platforms for documentation and interpretations.
  3. To engage in clinical research to establish the clinical theories and practice of Ayurveda and promote Good Clinical Management (GCM).
  4. To design and demonstrate conservation strategies including the creation of geospatial database focused on threatened species.
  5. To design and demonstrate augmentation strategies for sustainable use of natural resources (flora, fauna, metals and minerals) used by the Indian medical heritage.
  6. To design and implement innovative online and offline educational programs for rural and urban households, school and university students and folk healers.
  7. To design and implement strategic outreach programs for widespread dissemination of validated health interventions derived from traditional health sciences and practices which can impact rural and urban communities in India and globally.


To demonstrate the contemporary relevance of Indian Medical Heritage in providing Medical relief, in extending Education, training and imparting creative Community services by designing and implementing innovative programmes related to

A. High quality medical practices and research in Indian systems of medicine,

B. Conservation of the natural resources used by Indian systems of medicine

C. Revitalisation of social processes for transmission of our medical heritage, on a size and scale that will have societal impact.

FRLHT is designated as “ENVIS Centre on Medicinal Plants”  by MoEF, GoI. Here,  we aim to bring awareness about the issues, concerns and experiences  related to Indian Medicinal Plants conservation through the  website:  and quaterly  newsletter: Medplant

FRLHT is also a Private University titled “Institute of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology”, as per the special Issue of Karnataka Gazettee notification number: HFW 90 PTD 2013, Government of Karnataka; dated 26/06/2013. For further details, Click Here

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