ENVIS Resource Partner on Medicinal Plants, FRLHT, Bangalore:

Realising the importance of environment information, an environmental information system (ENVIS) was established by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of India in December 1982 to provide information to decision- makers, policy-planners, scientist research community, students, etc. all over the country. Funded by World Bank, ENVIS is a decentralised information system network consisting of a focal point in the Ministry coordinating the activities of a chain of 28 nodes in subject specific areas known as ENVIS Centres located in various prestigious institutions/ organisations all over the country. ENVIS is the Asia's subregional node of the UNEP's INFOTERRA environmental system. The purpose of the ENVIS Centre is to cater to the needs of the people, who do not have access to highly equipped libraries and network systems.

ENVIS Centre set up all over the country has been building up a vast collection of books, reports and journals in the particular subject area of specialisation pertaining to environment. Responding to user queries, development of data banks on some selected parameters relating to the subject area, initiation of action to fill these gaps and dissemination of information to the users is the most vital component in the whole system.

The FRLHT ENVIS aims to emerge as a one-stop access point for information and resources on sustainable utilisation of medicinal plants across the country and a platform for exchange of ideas.

Development of this site is supported by Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India

This ENVIS Centre is an integral and inseparable part of FRLHT, Bangalore. It started in 2002 as node and now a Centre. Today, we see ourselves as a unique podium to Collect, Curate and Disseminate authentic Multi-Dimensional Information on Indian Medicinal Plants via communication media. This year web statistics shows 8331670 lakhs hits & 699404 visitors’ per annum for envis.frlht.org and 7045 visitors for the new website (frlhtenvis.nic.in):

Vision of the Center: To Create an Enabling Platform to Disseminate Reliable Multi-dimensional Information on Indian Medicinal Plants

Mission of the Centre is provided below:

  1. To Identify, Collect, Curate & Disseminate Multi-dimensional Information on Indian Medicinal Plants using suitable Communication Media.
  2. To Share Experiences of varied stake holders on Indian Medicinal Plants.
  3. To Empower People with Information to take up suitable Research, Conservation Action & Resource Augmentation measures.
  4. To Create a Network of Ambassadors (Individuals & institutions), who will broadcast Conservation Messages
  5. To Publish, Well Researched, Popular Science Series Publications – Medplant Newsletter, Field guides, manuals, trade booklet.

This centre is financially supported by Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India, to establish and manage the Centre. This Centre brings awareness about the issues, concerns and experiences related to Indian Medicinal Plants Conservation through the http://envis.frlht.org/; frlhtenvis.nic.in, Envis App (New initiative!), quarterly newsletter: Medplant and outreach activities, interactions with the schools, colleges, households, media, health professionals. To know what more we do, just write to us: envis@frlht.org , frlhtenvis@nic.in