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FRLH- Herbarium and Raw Drug Repository is a Nationally recognised herbarium. This was established in 1993 is a specialized herbarium with a focus on medicinal plants used in Indian Systems of Medicine (ISM). The objective is to highlight the morphological variations of the plants as well as to represent plant species across different ecosystems by engaging in botanical surveys to collect plant specimens across different biogeographic zones, ecosystems and habitats of the country. These botanical surveys will result in the additions to the existing collection of medicinal plants used in ISM as well as the plants traded in the country. Click here

From this herbarium, we wish to share 1807 high resolution scanned herbarium sheet images. These pertain to 1806 unique species. If you want to study the actual specimen, please visit our FRLHT, Campus, which is located in Bangalore.

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Adhatoda vasica NEES
Adiantum lunulatum L.
Adiantum philippense L.
Aeginetia indica L.
Aegle marmelos (L.) CORREA EX. SCHULTZ
Aerva javanica (BURM.F.) JUSS. EX SCHULT.
Aerva lanata (L.) JUSS. EX SCHULT.
Aerva monsonia MART.
Aerva sanguinolenta (L.) BL.
Aeschynomene aspera L.
Aeschynomene indica L.
Aganosma caryophyllata G.DON
Aganosma cymosa (ROXB.) G.DON
Aganosma dichotoma (ROTH) K.SCHUM.
Agave americana L.
Ageratina adenophora (SPR.) KING & ROB.,
Ageratum conyzoides L.
Ageratum houstonianum MILL.
Aglaia elaeagoidea (JUSS.) BENTH.
Aglaia lawii (WIGHT.) SALDANHA
Aglaia odorata LOUR.
Aglaia roxburghiana MIQ.
Ailanthus excelsa ROXB.
Ailanthus triphysa (DENNST.) ALSTON

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Records 49 to 72 of 1806

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