Encyclopedia on Indian Medicinal Plants

Here you can find information of Medicinal Plants in following 2 ways

A unique, well-researched, comprehensive database on Indian Medicinal Plants is now available for researchers, academicians, school students, ethnobotanists, conservationists, resource managers, nature enthusiasts..  

Towards this direction, FRLHT has been developing over the past 20 years a comprehensive database on Indian Medicinal Plants. It covers various subject linked to natural resources used by Indian System of Medicine such as botanical and local names correlation, geo-distribution data, maps, propogation, trade information etc. This is a well referenced dynamic database. It grows based on authentic scientific publications available in the said area.

This exclusive and innovative search based database stores 7,637 botanical names (6,198 medicinal plants species) with 119183 vernacular names from 12 languages across India. Nearly 2688 plant images are also available in the database.

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