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Geo-Distribution Maps

This section gives selected Geo-distribution maps of medicinal plants growing wild across India. Automated map will be generated showing state-wise presence of the species across the country. These maps are generated based on thorough research conducted at FRLHT. There are 275 number of geo-distribution maps corresponding to 275 species.

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Cacalia sonchifolia L.
Cachrys pabularia (LINDL.) HERRNST.
Cadaba farinosa FORSK.
Cadaba fruticosa (L.) DRUCE
Cadaba indica LAM.
Cadaba trifoliata WIGHT & ARN.
Caesalpinia bonduc (L.) ROXB.
Caesalpinia bonducella (L.) FLEMING
Caesalpinia digyna ROTTL.
Caesalpinia spicata DALZ.
Calacanthus grandiflorus (DALZ.) RADLK..
Calamus erectus ROXB.
Calamus huegelianus MART,
Calamus rotang L.
Calamus tenuis ROXB.
Calamus thwaitesii BECC. Var. canaranus Becc.
Calamus travancoricus BEDD. EX HOOK. F.
Calamus viminalis WILLD.
Callicarpa lanata L.
Callicarpa longifolia LAMK.
Callicarpa macrophylla VAHL
Callicarpa rubella LINDL.
Callicarpa tomentosa (L.) MURRAY
Calophyllum apetalum WILLD.

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More Information

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Digital Atlas / Map Distribution on Bhuvan portal:
Prepared under Centre of Excellence on Medicinal Plants & traditional Knowledge (at FRLHT, Bangalore)
Supported by MoEFCC, GoI. ENVIS Team members at FRLHT-TDU, Bengaluru facilitated in uploading the information on Bhuvan Portal post training.

For 1583 species, state wise listing is uploaded on Bhuvan Platform Click Here