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Geo-Distribution Maps

This section gives selected Geo-distribution maps of medicinal plants growing wild across India. Automated map will be generated showing state-wise presence of the species across the country. These maps are generated based on thorough research conducted at FRLHT. There are 69 number of geo-distribution maps corresponding to 69 species.

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Radermachera xylocarpa (ROXB.) SCHUM.
Randia densiflora BENTH.
Randia longiflora LAM.
Randia rugulosa (THW.) HK.F.
Randia tetrasperma BENTH. & HOOK.
Ranunculus arvensis L.
Ranunculus cantoniensis DC.
Ranunculus diffusus DC.
Ranunculus laetus WALL.
Ranunculus muricatus L.
Ranunculus sceleratus L.
Ranunculus trichophyllus CHAIX IN VILL. DAUPH.
Rauvolfia densiflora (WALL.) BENTH. EX HK.F.
Rauvolfia hookeri SRINIVASAN & CHITRA
Rauvolfia micrantha HOOK.F.
Rauvolfia serpentina (L.) BENTH. EX KURZ
Reissantia arborea (ROXB) HARA
Reissantia grahamii (WIGHT) DING.HOU.
Rhamnus nepalensis WALL. EX ROXB.
Rhamnus prostrata JACQ. EX PAKER
Rhamnus purpurea EDGEW.
Rhamnus triquetra (WALL.) BRANDIS
Rhaphidophora decursiva SCHOTT
Rhaphidophora pertusa SCHOTT

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Digital Atlas / Map Distribution on Bhuvan portal:
Prepared under Centre of Excellence on Medicinal Plants & traditional Knowledge (at FRLHT, Bangalore)
Supported by MoEFCC, GoI. ENVIS Team members at FRLHT-TDU, Bengaluru facilitated in uploading the information on Bhuvan Portal post training.

For 1583 species, state wise listing is uploaded on Bhuvan Platform Click Here