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From this plant images album, we wish to share 121 high resolution scanned plant images. These pertain to 108 unique species. If you want to study the actual specimen, please visit our FRLHT, Campus, which is located in Bengaluru.

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Euonymus atropurpureus JACQ.B.P.
Euonymus europaeus L.
Euonymus indicus HEYNE EX. ROXB.
Euonymus pendulus WALL.
Euonymus tingens WALL.
Eupatorium adenophorum SPRENG
Eupatorium glandulosum SCH. BIP. EX BAKER
Eupatorium odoratum L.
Eupatorium perfoliatum L.
Eupatorium purpureum L.
Eupatorium triplinerve VAHL
Euphorbia antiquorum L.
Euphorbia barnhartii CROIZAT,EUPHORB.
Euphorbia cognata BOISS.
Euphorbia corollata L.
Euphorbia dracunculoides LAM.
Euphorbia hirta L.
Euphorbia hypericifolia L.
Euphorbia neriifolia L.
Euphorbia nivulia BUCH.-HAM.
Euphorbia peplus L.
Euphorbia pilosa L.
Euphorbia pulcherrima WILLD. EX KLOT.
Euphorbia rosea RETZ

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