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From this plant images album, we wish to share 82 high resolution scanned plant images. These pertain to 77 unique species. If you want to study the actual specimen, please visit our FRLHT, Campus, which is located in Bengaluru.

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Habenaria edgeworthii HOOK. F. EX COLLETT
Habenaria intermedia DON.
Habenaria plantaginea LINDL.
Hackelochloa granularis (L.) KUNTZE
Haldina cordifolia (ROXB.) RIDSDALE
Halophila ovalis (R.BR.) HOOK.F.
Hamamelis virginiana L.
Hardwickia binata ROXB.
Hedeoma pulegioides (L.) PERS.
Hedychium coronarium KOENIG
Hedychium ellipticum HAMILT
Hedychium spicatum BUCH.-HAM.
Hedyotis auricularia L.
Hedyotis corymbosa (L.) LAM.
Hedyotis diffusa WILLD.
Hedyotis puberula R.BR.
Hedyotis scandens ROXB.
Helianthemum canadense MICHX.
Helianthus annuus L.
Helicia excelsa BLUME.
Helicteres isora L.
Heliotropium indicum L.
Heliotropium ovalifolium FORSK.
Heliotropium peruvianum L.

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