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From this plant images album, we wish to share 235 high resolution scanned plant images. These pertain to 208 unique species. If you want to study the actual specimen, please visit our FRLHT, Campus, which is located in Bengaluru.

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Piper sarmentosum ROXB.
Pistacia integerrima STEW. EX BRANDIS
Pistacia lentiscus L.
Pistia stratiotes L.
Pisum sativum L.
Pithecellobium dulce (ROXB.) BENTH.
Pithecellobium monadelphum (ROXB.) KOSTER.
Pittosporum floribundum SENSU HOOK.F. & THOMS.
Pittosporum nepaulense (DC.) REHDER & WILSON
Planchonella obovata (R.BR.) PIERRE
Plantago erosa WALL. IN ROXB.
Plantago major L.
Plantago ovata FORSK.
Plectranthus ambonicus (LOUR.) SPRENG.
Plectranthus barbatus ANDR.
Plectranthus vettiveroides (JACOB) SINGH & SHARMA
Pleurostylia opposita (WALL.) ALSTON
Pluchea lanceolata OLIVER & HIERN.
Plumbago auriculata LAM.
Plumbago zeylanica L.
Plumeria acuminata R.BR.
Plumeria alba L.
Plumeria rubra L.
Podocarpus latifolia BLUME

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