World Water Day, March 22, 2018
Poster on Wonder Herbs for Safe and Healthy Drinking Water
Redlisted Medicinal Plants of India.
Prepared by ENVIS Resource Partner on Medicinal Plants to commemorate International Day of Forests, 21 March 2018
Lesser Known Edible Green Vegetables Sold in the Markets of Bengaluru City (Authors: Suma T.S., Nishanth S. G., Soumyashree N., Chetan V.N., Ravikumar K., Vijay Srinivas)
Poster presented in the Symposium on “Traditional Health Knowledge inspired Nutraceuticals”
World Earth Day, April 22, 2016
Medicinal Plants and Primary Health care - Science Express Climate Action Special 2016 (Source: Goraya G. S. and Somashekar B. S. 2009. Grow & Use Medicinal Plants for Primary Health Care: A Guide. Medplan Conservatory Society & FRLHT, Bangalore. Sponsored by: NMPB)
Neighbourhood Medicinal Plants of Bangalore City - International Year of Biodiversity 2015
Neighbourhood Medicinal Plants of Bangalore City - International Year of Biodiversity 2015
WHO Guidelines
WHO guide lines for good collection practices of Medicinal plants and a web link related
Systems Ayurveda
The ‘Systems Ayurveda’ graphic notation describes schema of Ayurveda knowledge base. Comprehensive view of concepts and logic is possible through this approach. In addition to logical, sequential linear flow, Ayurveda also adopts multi-dimensional, one-to-many and many-to-many cause effect relations. We hope the forthcoming poster series on ‘System Ayurveda’ will illustrate potentail and practical applications of logic and vast knowledge base on Ayurveda.
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Systems Rasayana
‘Systems Rasayana’ is based on Systems Biology Graphical Notation (SBGN *) concept.

SBGN diagrams are a specific set of graphs known as Systems Biology Graphical Notation to explain any biological knowledge points of Rasayana in relation with Ayurvedic biology based on SBGN Concepts.
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